Sunday, January 8, 2012

 I'm in Costa Rica!  I still can't believe it even with the mountains out my window! Flying wasn't too bad just really long.  On the flight to Atlanta, I slept and talked with the flight attendant who flirted with me.  He was really nice but looked like he was in his thirties and was divorced with an 8 year old boy!  Needless to say I did NOT give him my email address.  I nearly ran to meet my connecting flight out of Atlanta.  I arrived at a B gate, and my flight to San Jose left from E34 - nearly the last gate for Delta!  On the way to San Jose, I sat next to a young couple going to Costa Rica for a week to celebrate her 30th birthday.  The flight was 4.5 hours but felt like forever!  The inflight movie was "I don't know how she does it" which I didn't enjoy very much. I tried to pass the time by reviewing my Spanish textbook.  (How else will everyone know I'm a nerd unless I have a textbook in my carry on!) I arrived in Costa Rica at 1pm and breezed through immigration and customs.

Costa Rica from the air
San Jose from the air

Then I waited for 3 hours at the airport with the other students studying abroad while everyone else arrived. It was fun to talk with everyone.  There are students from every state and one girl from Canada!  However, it was really hot, and we were hungry and tired from traveling.  Around 4pm, we boarded a bus and drove to the different universities.  Veritas was the last group dropped off.

I'm staying with a very nice host family.  They are retired and do not have any children living at home.  Luckily, they speak fluent English!  In fact, they lived in New York for thirty years but are native to Costa Rica.  In Costa Rica, the woman is in charge of the household, and she showed us to our rooms and told us the rules.  She is also an amazing cook.  For supper, we had tamales and for breakfast we had fresh fruit, eggs, and rice with beans "gallo pinto" - a traditional breakfast.  Most ticos (locals) also drink fruit juice with every meal.  If I eat like this for every meal, I will gain a lot of weight around my hips! Pura Vida!

My room! The cabinets on the right is my wardrobe. There is a waterfall behind my bed.

The shower head is large because that is where the water is heated. Water is expensive in Costa Rica, so we have to take short showers. The clothes pins below the shower are for drying my panties.

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  1. love you blog!!! They have not posted your blog yet on the Stephens website... but should in the next couple of days. THANK YOU for sharing.. Sounds like you have great "parents"... LB