Wednesday, February 1, 2012


One of the questions from my post last week was, if Costa Ricans eat a lot of sweets and if so what kind? From what I have noticed, Ticos do not eat a lot of candy or desserts.  My mamatica does not serve any desserts.  I have had desserts at the restaurants, but they cater mostly to tourists.  At the school, they have mostly American candy like M&Ms, snikers, twixt, etc for sale.  In the bakery stores, there are donuts and pasteries similar to our turnovers.  My favorite snack to buy from the store is a cookie called Chiky.  Chiky is the brandname, so there are different kinds.  I love the all chocolate ones!  It is a shortbread cookie with a chocolate bottom!
On Monday, my computer caught a exotic virus that was overlooked by my virus protection on my computer.  And I was worried I would be the one to catch a tropical virus like Dengue!  After trying all the normal tricks to remove the virus, I gave in and took my computer to the IT department at school on Tuesday.  My communication skills were definitely put to the test while talking with the IT lady.  She spoke no english, and I had to translate the pop-ups on my computer!  After about 30 minutes, she gave up on me and my computer.  She gave me the address and phone number of a business in La Plaza del Sol that can fix my computer.  So, on Friday, I will go on an expedition to find BTC (the business) with hopes of having a working laptop by Monday!

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